Hellcats (2016)

Shezz and Kim, a.k.a ‘Luxury Problem’ and ‘Dee Terminator’, met through their mutual love for the sport of roller derby. They are both veteran members of their team: The Cheshire Hellcats.

The foundations of their sport were laid by tenacious women with a can-do attitude and a strong DIY work ethic; a theme that runs through the sport to this day. When they decided to marry in 2016, Shezz and Kim applied the same approach to their wedding day.

With a small budget, they organised the whole thing themselves and assembled an army of teammates to help. Without the distractions of excess and extravagance, the wedding was stripped back to its essence – a heartfelt celebration of their union followed by a punk-as-fuck party.

One hundred percent Hellcats.

Shezz getting her make-up done

A NICE CUP OF TEA – Brawl and Slammy relax with a brew while Shezz gets her make-up done.

Slammy paints Brawl's toenails

NAIL VARNISH – Slammy paints Brawl’s toenails. A few weeks before the wedding Brawl broke her ankle in a roller derby bout.

Kim - the finished product

THE FINISHED PRODUCT – Kim changes her hair colour almost weekly. She died it pink and purple for the wedding to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. She was over the moon with how it turned out.

A hasty breakfast

FUEL – In the rush to get ready there wasn’t much time for breakfast. Croissants and jam were quickly scoffed.


DUTCH COURAGE – Washing down breakfast with sparkling wine. Having watched them play their brutal sport in front of big crowds it felt kind of odd to hear them say they were nervous.

Kim and her bridesmaids on the way to the wedding

THE CHARIOT – Kim’s bridesmaids, Faye and Slammy, accompany her on the taxi ride to the wedding ceremony.

Vows exchanged

MARRIED – Applauded by family and friends, Kim and Shezz share their first kiss as a married couple. Their teammates joked that their roller derby alter egos, ‘Dee Terminator’ and ‘Luxury Problem’, should be sandwiched together to form ‘Deelux’.

Decorating the party venue

DECORATION – Shortly after the newly weds arrive, an army of roller derby teammates descend on the community centre venue to help decorate – blowing up balloons, putting up signs, preparing food and decorating tables.

Cake cutting

CUTTING THE CAKE – Shezz and Kim pose for photos whilst cutting their wedding cake. They used an app to crowd source additional wedding snaps that their friends had taken on their mobile phones.

DIY photobooth

PHOTO BOOTH – In true DIY-style, the team re-purposed some kids’ artwork they found in the back of the community centre to form a backdrop for a makeshift photo booth. Of course, the kids were first to try it out. After a few drinks, the rest of the guests were soon getting dressed up to take selfies in silly outfits.

Kim's mum and brother

SIDELINES – Kim’s mum and brother, David. Just like any wedding, the more sensible and less inebriated are happy to sit in the sidelines.


SMOKERS – Outside, a group of hardy smokers brave the spring rain.

The hokey-cokey

DANCING – The DJ played an eclectic mix of heavy metal, punk rock and old wedding favourites – here everyone joins in the hokey-cokey.

End of the night

ALMOST OVER – The revelries continue into the small hours as a helium balloon escapes the grip of it’s beholder.


EXIT – The happy couple share one last kiss before heading home for the night.

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