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My Diary: A Ritual For Consumption

I’ve decided to start a proper photo/word diary inspired by Matt Gomes – look out for an upcoming interview with him!

It’s gonna consist of words/photos. In an effort to give less fucks about what other people think of my photography, I actually plan on posting every photo I take to it, so if you’re interested in seeing all the shit daily pics I take then that’s the place to do it. There’s a ‘Diary’ link up on the menu at the top of my site – or you can get to it by visiting

It’s new, so for now I am posting daily. I suspect the frequency will drop off a bit as it loses it’s shine (I am ever the defeatist) but I’ll endeavour to keep it updated fairly regularly.

In the meantime, go follow @_matt_gomes on instagram and check out his diary at

Until next time, happy snapping.

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I am a photographer and occasional writer based in Chester, UK. I write about my experiences of photography with the hope of encouraging you to start documenting your life and the world around you.

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