Rotting Strawberries

My Diary: A Ritual For Consumption

I’ve decided to start a proper photo/word diary inspired by Matt Gomes – look out for an upcoming interview with him!

It’s gonna consist of words/photos. In an effort to give less fucks about what other people think of my photography, I actually plan on posting every photo I take to it, so if you’re interested in seeing all the shit daily pics I take then that’s the place to do it. There’s a ‘Diary’ link up on the menu at the top of my site – or you can get to it by visiting

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Contax T3 Camera

Finding the Perfect Film Camera

At the beginning of this year, I made a new year’s resolution to learn to develop and scan film at home and I can now say I’ve given it a go and thought I would record my findings in a few posts here.

The thing that made me want to experiment with film again, after not doing so for many years, was the aesthetic. If you’ve read some of my other blogs you’ll already know I’ve become pretty anal about the way my photos look. In my digital photography my post-processing had moved increasingly towards achieving that ‘film look’ so I figured I might as well just make the jump and see how it went.

The first thing I needed was a film camera, so I set about trying to find one I liked.

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A Photographer’s Diary: Laziness (2017 #02)

One of my new year’s resolutions was to blog more. I guess I’m failing miserably on that one. Oh well, such is life. I have actually part-written a couple of blogs in recent months, but by the time I felt like finishing them things had moved on and they no longer seemed relevant.

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Pentax MX Camera

Lucida Straps: Custom Leather Camera Strap Review

Note: I bought this strap with my own money. I was not asked to write a review, and can assure you that my opinion of the product is honest. I don’t do a lot of product reviews, but this one I just had to tell you about.

I was in the market for a new strap for the Pentax MX that my Dad handed down to me, when my friend Nick introduced me to Lucida Straps. I’m a sucker for anything handmade, and when I saw how beautiful they looked I just had to get one. Nick told me he has four of them, so I guess that’s as good a recommendation as any.

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Josh Ethan Johnson on Self-Publishing His First Photo Book

Here’s a little piece that Josh Ethan Johnson has written about self-publishing his first photo book, Endangered Species. Enjoy!

I’m a photo/video guy who’s lived in NYC for 6 years. Last summer I realized I was ready to dip my big toe into the NYC gallery art world so I self published my first photo book. I threw a big launch party and called in all favors. My hopes with the book were modest; to materialize this body of work, meet other photographers, have a glossy portfolio to put in front of galleries and publishers, and make millions. Did it work? Yeah. All but the last part.

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Bridge, Chester

A Photographer’s Diary (2017 #01)

I had a thought that it might be good to start doing more regular updates on what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been thinking about etc. I’m not going to make any promises on how often I do this, some weeks are quieter than others, but if I’ve got something semi-interesting to update you on then I’ll write one of these diary-style posts.

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