My name is Matthew Martin. I was born in the UK in the industrial city of Stoke-on-Trent during the summer of 1987. I currently live in Chester, UK.

Portrait, Oludeniz, 2016

Portrait, Oludeniz, 2016 (Photo by Faye R. Ward)


It was early 2014, and I was bored of photography – the complications, the criticality of focus, the perfect skin tone, noise reduction, pixel peeping, long exposures, time lapses, and photoshop. I’d lost my mojo and I put down the camera.

Of the images I’d produced to date, the ones I really loved were hastily captured on a compact camera. It was around this time that I became familiar with the work of William Eggleston, Stephen Shore and Martin Parr. The snapshot aesthetic of their documentary and street photography really appealed to me. Here were some fantastic photographers who were doing nothing more than capturing everyday life around them as it happened; capturing the beauty in the boring, snapshots of modern life frozen perfectly in time.

At the time, there was something else playing on my mind. My memory had always been bad and I’d come to realise that there were important events from my past that I could now only half recall. After my early teens there were virtually no photographs of my family and friends, the places I’d been or the things I’d done. Hitting my mid-twenties, I was mourning the photographs that never existed; the lost memoirs of my youth.

Where photography had previously been a weekend-only pursuit, I resolved to weave it into my daily lifestyle. This time it would be different. I would no longer hunt polished perfection. No rules, no fiddling, no photoshop. It would be simple and honest and it would have a purpose: to create a document – endless proof of my time on earth.


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